Why are we the best at what we do?

Simple – we use the patented and revolutionary process called: Dynamic Cellular Disruption® (DCD®).  We do not use harmful heat or chemicals to make our extracts.  We break open the plant cell membranes and reduce the actives to molecular level. In the process, there is no denaturing and also very little waste.  Results – higher yields, purer actives, affordable to buy.  Plus our extracts WORK.  We use science to bring out the best in Mother Nature.

All Dynamic Extractions and Formulations’ ™ (DEF™) products are made in a GMP approved factory under the guidance of a qualified team of professionals.  The following is a sample of what we can do.  Our extracts are made to order and our formulations same.  DEF™ is a recognised global leader in the development of high purity, cost effective phytochemicals – we produce to powder, tincture for inclusion into a variety of mediums.  Our source material is ethically procured and tested to confirm COAs and measurement and verification of the end result is standard in our operation.

In addition to our superior extracts, DEF™ is also a leading formulations company with a highly specialised R&D department.  From natural skincare ranges to natural cosmetics and baby foods and everything in between, DEF™ has the power to shift you into the next millennium.

DCD® Black Wattle

Active: Polyphenols which we offer at 65% purity with an ORAC value of 12000. (Ratio 40:1)

Usage: Super anti-oxidant; Increased muscle and liver metabolism and energy expenditure etc

DCD® Black Pepper

Active: Chavicine and Piperine at 40% (Ratio 40:1)

Usage: Bio-availability enhancing

DCD® Cloves

Active: Eugenol which we offer at 15% purity with an ORAC value of 7 000. (Rato 40:1)

Usage: Strongest all round anti-oxidant with highest ORAC value known to exist in nature; also a thermo-nutrient and use for weightloss etc

DCD® Devils Claw

Active: Harpagosides which we offer at 5% purity. (Rato 30:1)

Usage: Treatment of muscle pain and inflammation; Treatment of arthritis; Osteoporosis; Osteoarthritis;

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DCD® Eriosemia Kraussianum

Active: Pyrano-isoflavones which we offer at 3% purity

Usage: Vasodilator to allow for better blood flow and treatment of erectile dysfunction

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DCD® Ginger

Active: Gingerol which we offer at 0.8% purity. (Ratio 40:1)

Usage: Topical anti inflammatory for the treatment of osteoporosis, Thermo nutrient for increased metabolism promoting weight loss;

DCD® Grape Seed

Active: Polyphenols which we offer at 70% purity with an ORAC value of 8500. (Ratio 25:1)

Usage: Sunburn/after sun/protection against sunburn; super anti-oxidant; cortisol reduction; immune boosting etc

DCD® Green Tea

Active: Polyphenols which we offer at 50% purity with an ORAC value of 9750. (Rato 40:1)

Usage:  Prevention and treatment of cancer; skin whitening; anti-oxidant; immune boosting and anti-ageing etc

DCD® Green Rooibos

Active: Polyphenols which we offer at 45% purity with ORAC value of 9750. (Ratio 40:1)

Usage: Heart health; anti-ageing; anti-oxidant; cortisol reduction; topical application for skin health – elixir of life

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DCD® Griffonia

Active: 5HTP which we offer at 40% purity. (Ratio 4:1)

Usage: Source of 5-HTP; Natural anti-depressant; Natural feel good; Treatment of anxiety and depression;

DCD® Honey Bush

Active: Polyphenols which we offer at 25% purity with an ORAC value of 8500. (Rato 25:1)

Usage: Oral applications for detoxification; Anti-oxidant; Anti-ageing; Heart health; Cortisol reduction;

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DCD® Irvingia Gabonensis

Active: Protein which we offer at 15% purity . (Ratio 4:1)

Usage: Blood sugar stability; Weight loss; Leptin sensitivity; Cholesterol management; Satiety promotion

DCD® Pelargonium Sidoides

Active: Umckalin which we offer at 0.15% purity. (Ratio 100:1)

Usage: Treatment for bronchial infections; Treatment for TB; Natural anti-biotic; Natural cough remedy

DCD® Sage

Active: Polyphenols which we offer at 15% purity with an ORAC value of 4000. (Ratio 40:1)

Usage: Natural anti anxiety treatment; Improved cognitive function; Adjunct to the treatment of Alzheimer’s; Brain booster

DCD® Sceletium Tortuosum

Active: Total Alkaloids which we offer at 3% purity. (Ratio 100:1)

Usage: Treatment of anxiety and depression; Natural feel good; Treatment of emotional eating disorders

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Image credits. Honeybush: Graeme Pienaar / CC BY-SA; Eriosema Kraussianum: Alandmanson / CC BY; Black Wattle: John Tann from Sydney, Australia / CC BY / Irvingia Gabonensis: DXLINH